Topic: Asking a question? want a reply?

People are creating a thread ( new topic) to ask a question. this is the correct thing to do but what else is happening is people are asking a new question within an already opened topic.

you might not get a reply if you do this meaing you will be left disapointed and you may think that Chordie does not care about your questions.

Please, for any new questions you have create a new topic for it.

Some questions do not get a reply for a few reasons. Some are just simply missed while other questions might need the reply from Per ( the chordie creator) if a moderator cannot help.
If you find you are not getting a reply you can send Per feedback by clicking the link on the front page. If after a few days - a week has passed and still no reply then say so in the topic you created and hopefully someone will see and help.

Also look to see where you question is best put on the forum. If it is a general question about chordie then " about Chordie" is the best place. If it is a question on how to do something with being a chordie editor the " chordie editors" is the best place, wanting a song? " song requests".
Saying hello etc? "chordie chat corner" is the best place.

If a topic is seen in the wrong place, a Chordie moderator can move it to another section. There will be notification on the section you created it in that it has been moved.

ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending