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ok so i know that epiphone is a sub company of gibson and they make cheaper models of gibson guitars.

i found a real chep epiphone les paul orginally marked at abou 1 grand

i want to know how different this guitar would be from a real gibson les paul

Re: quality jump between gibson and epiphone

epiphones, just like squires, are just as good as the gibson models, only with cheaper materials, but you can get round this by getting better pickups and good quality gibson strings.

also i think paying 1 grand for an epiphone is a bit extreme, maybe shop around for a bit and find one about 300 or under, even some gibsons go about that if you look hard enough

Re: quality jump between gibson and epiphone

yeh but its marked down from 1k down to like 300 so im still thinking about buying

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Hey Spaminator let me give you some info on side products by Gibson.  First I have a bizillion guitars and my favorite ones are a Acoustic/electric Ovation, My old Fender strat, My 399.00 Ibanez semi-hollow eletric and believe it or not I have a Kramer Focus, made by Gibson and I have done nothing to it except change the strings.  Sounds great and holds up well on stage.  Paid $60 for it off my brother-in-law a few years ago and it's still rocking today.  I know they drop the prices down a great deal but an epiphone even suggested retail at $1,000 is a joke.  If you can get it for three or four hundred that's a good deal.  Sounds like you are shopping at the Guitar center, if not check and see if you have one near you.  They have the best of everything, including prices.

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thanks for the input but ive decided i want something with single coils too, just so i can be more looking at fat strats rightnow w/ the hss configuration

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I have Fenders, Gibsons and Epiphones. A griend that works at the Gibson factory, and is a player, sez he buys the Epiphones himself as great quality. Some talk of the electronics not being as good as Gibson's - dunno if that is true as I've been pretty happy with what comes with the Epi's and the fit and finish on the Epi's are just great and equal to Gibson's. I'm really happy with what I'm seeing and hearing. The Epi's are based on the Gibson designs so you get that great playability and sound w/o the big ticket price.

And then you get into the Fender vs Gibson battles. Personally I prefer Gibsons/Epis 6-strings for the fatter, bluesy sounds and the short scales, tho I play a J Bass when amped, but prefer the Fender BG-29 around the house as fun to play and tho short-scaled, you get some nice growls from the ADG strings...

Good luck with your guitar search!

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This so called special deal sounds way out of line. Was it reallyt ever on sale at that price? I've been looking quite heavily into getting a Les Paul Recently. The cheaper Gibsons go for around a grand. Epi's are nowhere near that much. 300 sounds like a more realistic starting price.

Personally I've finally decided that I'm going for a Gibson. I accept that there probably is not a great deal of difference in the sound you get out (particularly since I'm not very good).

I think the difference for me is that second hand Gibsons go for about the same or sometimes more than the new ones whereas second hand Epi's are about half the price of a new one.

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thank for all the input ive got around 450 to 500 dollars now and need to get an amp to so im looking in the 300-400$ range now

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You know what? I went looking for an SG and ended up with an Ibanez SZ. It's got an awesome HH setup with coil tapping - so I can get a lot of SG / LP sounds out of it, plus some great Strat-ish tones. What I can't get is Telecaster twang, but my brother's Squire Tele doesn't get that right either.

I don't want to sound be Johnny One-Note, but I have to keep spreading the Ibanez word. I looked at a lot of guitars, both before and after making my buy, and the Ibanezes are always among the best quality in a given price range.

How did I (a novice) judge the quality? Simple. First, I looked at the guitar. The binding was perfect. The finish was flawless. Then I felt the guitar - the frets were smooth all along the fretboard, no sharp edges. Pick up a Squier Affinity Strat and run your hand down the fretboard for a counter-example. The switches and pots were smooth and sturdy. There was no obtrusive lump at the heel of the neck. Then, I played it. It sounded great, it felt great, and it fit me - that's all I needed to know.

As far as amps go, I LOVE my Valvetronix 30 Watt. I thought I wanted a G-DEC or a 30 Watt Spider II. I didn't really understand the whole tube mystique and thought it was mostly crusty old timers refusing to give up what they grew up with. One side-by-side between Spider and Vox cleared that up for me in a hurry.

I got one great piece of advice from my all-knowing little brother while I was shopping for a guitar, and I'm passing it on to you: You'll know the right guitar when you pick it up. There is no substitute for going out and touching guitars.

I hope whatever you pick brings you as much joy as my rig has brought to me.

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Re: quality jump between gibson and epiphone

I have never seen one  of these devices  before and like  doug I  also play an ovation  the light  weight  and bowl body  make  for  a  comfortable  play when used  with a  strap .

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Re: quality jump between gibson and epiphone

I have a Gibson Les Paul Trad. Pro II and an Epiphone es 339 and I love them both. But one was 500.00 and was 2,000.00. I can feel and hear the difference between them. But if your looking at an Epi for 1,000.00 I would thing you can get a nice Gibson for that price.