Topic: Tascam DR-1 CD?

I have a problem after downloading my file from the DR-1 to my computer getting a CD burned so it will play in my car. I am using the Tascam DR-1 for recording. Can anyone explain to me how to do this? Do I use wave file or MP3 when recording on the DR-1? Is there something special I need to do in the computer so it will do CD's that will play in my car etc.?
Thanks,  Ron

Re: Tascam DR-1 CD?

Ron download the free audacity program from and at the bottom of this post is a link to my audacity tutorials 1 thru 4 they are wmv format and will play on your media player and give all the information how to transfer songs from your recorder to your PC and convert them to mp3 to burn to disc I would recommend downloading all four and any questions that are not answered in the tutorials that you may have give a holler here and I will do my best to help smile

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Re: Tascam DR-1 CD?

Hi runout/ron
The best way to go is to save your songs to Mp3 if you can or convert your wave files into Mp3 with Audacity or a wave to mp3 converting app.
Then use the windows media player. You drag and drop you Mp3 files to the burn section. Then burn them to a disc windows will automatically convert them to a CD format which will play on an ordinary CD player.
I've done this with my stuff and it plays ok on the car CD player.
Don't burn files as MP3 as they won't play on a bog standard CD player..
Hope this helps
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