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#1 2009-07-23 12:52:52

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iPhone login

I use this iPhone-app a few days now. As I tap on and tap on 'search' I get a message to use the optimized page Okay, so I do this and then I get the menu. When I tap on "Search" or 'Songbook" or other menu-itmes I can see something's happening but I can not log in. All I see is a browserline "http://iphone.chordiecom/#login" and nothing happens.

Can anyone explain me how to login to the database via iPhone 3GS?

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#2 2009-10-01 19:45:08

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Re: iPhone login

Same here!



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Re: iPhone login

I went to it on my blackberry storm and I was able to navigate to everything but songbook and chordchart...there wasn't any place for me to login with my username..I am using the opera mini and opera mini 5 beta browsers

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Re: iPhone login

same here as well!



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Re: iPhone login

Ditto, never could login with the My songbook app.  There is no connectivity that I can tell between my laptop and my iphone as far as Chordies go.  Wish that my libraries were the same on both devices.  Also, has anyone found a way to send Chordies from your laptop/desktop to your My Songbook App?



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