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An outcry is needed for the lonely, said the man
Cry out loud out loud, he said, for those who cannot stand
Until the hungry eats and the child rests his head
Until the last is first until the truth is said
Until to the unfortunate the fortunate provide
The food of souls, the love, the love for which he died
We cannot sit at table with tearless loaf to eat
We cannot clothe our bodies with clean and bloodless sheets
We cannot label righteous any of our deeds
Until the last is first until the truth is seen.
A revolution for the lonely for the word that we must heed
A rectifying movement for the sinners most in need
Is what we must communicate to those who cannot see
Who cannot see the genocide on the corners of our streets
Who are blind to the injustices that feed off of the weak
Who are truly loved by God, the innocent and meek
An outcry is needed for the lonely said the man
Cry out loud out loud he said for those who cannot stand
An outcry is needed, is needed yesterday
For those who cannot feel who bare the deepest pain
Until the word of truth is known throughout the earth
Until the song of God is sung by every hearth
We cannot rest our bones by the quiet of the night
We cannot rest our thoughts until we’ve won the fight
The fight against the evil the pleasant pleasures nigh
The devils that we seek and pay to make us blind
We cannot sit at church and wait to pass the time
Until we’ve prayed for every soul who hasn’t crossed the line
The line to true enlightenment the freedom we must serve
Must serve until we’re captured by His glory and the word



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Re: Outcry

Very touching

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