Topic: So Long Ago

So long ago.               Phill Williams.

I was stood beneath the falls, and the icy waters fell upon my  skin.
Though the  desert winds were warm, and the sun was lonely in the sky.
No clouds or birds or vapour trails.
The only sound was water as it came fresh from the mountain streams.
To fall down here into this crystal pool.

              So long ago.

There came a sudden breeze, and a ripple formed and spread across the still and crystal pool.
And  as I looked around I saw, a  magic vision, shimmer like an image in the pool.
Lost and wandering in the desert sands
But when the water-still disturbed, still she stood there like an alabaster  form.
Fashioned by an artisan, so  long ago.

            So long ago.  So long  ago.

What  magic do I see? This  vision naked in the sun, moves ever close to me.
Taking steps so gently, she  takes my hand and leads me to the water's frigid shore.
So long ago.

           So long  ago.  So long ago.

               Oh, sweet vision are you  mortal just like me?
               Or  have you come here just to take my  soul?-

We slept beneath the stars, washed by cooling desert winds.
Till the moon began to fade.
A  night of perfumed love, beguiling in a mystic way.
The  sands became a grove, and faded with the dawn.

        So long ago.  So long ago.

            Oh, sweet vision are you mortal just like me?
            Why have you left me here? Why did you leave my soul?
            Take me  with you.

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