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Topic: Sunday in August

The winds are fickle where I sail and sometimes you just have to paddle.  It's good to have a crew who's just as happy to be there as you. Enjoy.

http://www.4shared.com/mp3/HORbfLEa/sun … furl=d1url

{t:Sunday in August}

[D]The day broke clear the [F#]sun shone bright but [G]I was feeling [D]blue
[G]Part of me [D]wanted to go. I [A]knew not what to do
My [D]head upon my [F#]lover's chest I was [G]cradled in her [D]arms
Put [G]my resolve to [D]serious test be-[A]guiling were her [D]charms

And she said [G]"You're the captain [D]you decide.
[G]You know I'd take any [D]ride as [A]long as it's with you"
[G] [D] [G] [D] [G] [D] [A] [D]

We [D]set up at [F#]Pierre's Point and [G]that's where we put [D]in
[G]Headed east t'wards [D]Engineer's [A]looking for some wind
Caught [D]something coming [F#]down the arm took [G]us to Sunny-[D]brae
And [G]as we glided [D]past the park the [A]wind just died a-[D]way

And she said [G]"I don't care 'bout [D]wind nor tide
[G]I'm just happy for the [D]ride as [A]long as I'm with you"
[G] [D] [G] [D] [G] [D] [A] [D]

When [D]you're becalmed be-[F#]neith the sun there's [G]nothing much to [D]do
We [G]sang and laughed at [D]silly jokes I [A]got to know my crew
It [D]took all day to [F#]paddle in we [G]beached beneath the [D]moon
Just [G]then the wind rose [D]to a gale we [A]didn't land too [D]soon

And I said [G]"If you'll let me [D]stear the boat
[G]Trust that I'll keep [D]us afloat
[G]Fair or foul the [D]winds may blow [A]
[G]I'll sail anywhere with [D]you"
[G] [D] [G] [D] [G] [D] [A] [D]

There's nothing right in my left brain and there's nothing left in my right brain.
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