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Song ideas for the campfire? Boy Scouts.

Hello all,
I have been looking at the many song books that folks have put together..very nice work.

What I am looking for and asking about is, I am a Scout Master for a Boy Scout troop here in Maryland. A lot of the songs I know are bluegrass, soft rock, etc. But not really good for a mixed set of boys, mom and dads are good. But what I am wanting to do is put together cool songs, that i can play on the mando that the boys wont find them to be to young for them.  The boys are 11 to 18 in my troop, so I need to mix it up.

Got them singing the Quarter Master store, Good night Irene, etc.    But what would you all suggest?

BTW...Never played anything string like, until I retired from the Army.




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Re: Song ideas for the campfire? Boy Scouts.

Hey Al and welcome to Chordie. Here's a link that may help   
loads of stuff here Enjoy     Butch

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Re: Song ideas for the campfire? Boy Scouts. … re=related

Chords are A, E ,A A7 D, Dm ,A , E , A

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Re: Song ideas for the campfire? Boy Scouts.

hey try youtube. i bet you can find tons of songs there. i personally like souls sister played on ukulele



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