Topic: Neon strings and the Best Strings.

OK Guys/Gals help me on this one.  I gonna order strings for my Fender acoustic. for novelity
I want to try the neon strings made by DR Have you tried them, are they ok, good, great,  Also I want to get a real good set after I get bored with the neon ones.  Sounds kinda kooky but what the heck. So are the neon strings a waste if so I want the best brand med guage .


Re: Neon strings and the Best Strings.

You're going to get lots of different responses on this one.  I don't know anything about the neon strings, but Elixers and Curt mangan strings are good ones.

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Re: Neon strings and the Best Strings.

hi sat I have never used them,I would like too hear how good they are though,keep us posted on them.

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Re: Neon strings and the Best Strings.

I think Chris Wolstenholme of Muse had them on his bass at the olympic closing ceremony. They look quite cool and their normal strings certainly have a good reputation. There are quite a few artists who endorse them, including Clapton so they should be pretty good I would have thought.
There are an awful lot of postings about strings on this site which are worth a read. It really does seem to be down to personal taste though. Coated strings certainly last longer. I find that the coating can dull the treble on a new string slightly but the brightness you do get lasts for a lot longer than non coated strings. An upshot of that is that the guitar fretboard can get a bit grubby underneath them when they are on for a couple of months. I do like to give the fretboard a clean and oil when I change the strings and if the guitar is out of the case most of the time, a more regular string change keeps it in good condition.
Just me though. I use D'Addario EXP coated on my cased guitar which I think are great but I'm sure others will disagree. My beater which is next to my work desk gets whatever is on special at the time. They all sound much the same to me but that is probably the guitar more than the strings!

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Re: Neon strings and the Best Strings.

I am not familiar with this string, but i have a great intention to explore about this. So keep posting... smile