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Don Quixote – Mad man or ……………. Questions left unanswered

The Impossible Dream - is it real or a mad-mans dream never to materialise?
Who dares to dream? Who dares to make a difference? Who strives for better? Who has the insatiable urge to be different? Who says what he really feels? Who does what his heart desires? Who dares to stop and take stock of his life?

Do we label those who dare to dream as mad-men? If we have no dreams then where are we going? If the quest for life is living dare we not take the chance to dream? Do we fear what the future may bring if we take a chance? Do we risk being mad should we dream? Do we risk sanity should we not?

What essence is there in following the rest of the crowd who have no idea where they are going? Do we feel a sense of belonging to a community, doing what is expected of us? Has society put labels on behaviourism in order to instil fear into those hearts that will not conform? What does society offer for those who dare to dream those who step out of the boundaries set by those who want to control? Ridicule and extradition?

Where would society be if it were not for the risk takers? Back in the Stone Age? We are taught as children to conform, obey, respect authority, but what becomes of those who dare challenge the authoritarian beliefs? Are they not labelled mad, insane, criminal, immoral, illogical, and non-conformist? Who dared to challenge these archaical beliefs? Galileo, Da Vinci, Einstein, Columbus, Mozart, Picasso, Van Gogh, Nostradamus? Who were they? What did they offer the world? Through which small gap in this forsaken universe did these “mad men” fall? How did they escape unnoticed and unscathed only to turn the world and its beliefs upside down?

The Don Quixote’s of this world could offer us a light for our darkened paths, but do we have the courage to light our own way? Have we over conditioned our minds to such an extent that we are incapable of independent thought? Have we nothing left to create or discover? What did those who dared to dream offer us? Dare we say “nothing”? Or dare we say “everything”?

What wrath would we incur should we step outside the boundaries set by society? What if we move outside of moral values, governmental laws, scientific theories and religious traditions in search of our own path in life?  Dare we become mad and make a difference? If we move beyond these boundaries, are we prepared to be accountable for the repercussions thereof?  Mankind has been striving for the ideal world - can we see where we have erred? Are we prepared to face the truth? Have we the courage to change and challenge the boundaries set by man, for man? Have these boundaries society has set, been our own trap, or demise? Caught in an entangled web of rules and regulations, do we have the space to grow and flourish? Or do we struggle against our own souls, spirits and intuition in order to conform? Do we therefore say that we must selfishly strive to achieve our own goals? Are we to trample the spirits of others in our quest? Should we not be mindful of how we wish to traverse the unknown? Can we live with the damage we have incurred in the aftermath? Or would we rather look back on our choices and feel contentment. Can we really afford to not walk our path with integrity? Can we see a way to grow, morph and achieve in the search for our own meaning and purpose in life?

Would we risk our souls should we take a step into the unknown? Where would our souls be if we didn’t? Should we say we are content to follow like sheep? Whose is to say one is better than the other, if both sides have merit? Who realises that fear is the greatest motivator? Who of us can stare fear in the face and take a risk? Should we be fearful rather of an unfulfilled life if we don’t take that risk? Can we take the risk of following our intuition, walking a path of the soul, of being different? Or of being the best we can be? Are we not all we have to offer this world? Is that not the single most effective tool we have? Ourselves? Have we realised the potential of our lives? Have we the courage to release that potential? What would we stand to lose besides our ego?

What would we gain besides our soul?

Be more less concerned with your outward appearance and more concerned about your character, for that is what defines you. www,

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Hi Judy,

Wow! deep or what? Welcome to Chordie by the way, having read both your offerings I can only say wow! deep or what? Very thought provoking and as with your second poem, shows how deeply you are in love with the person you wrote about, hope you visit us a lot and give views on members offerings and of course give us more of what you've given as samples.

Kudos, Phill

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