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#1 2012-09-17 14:56:59

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Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

I'm posting this because about a month ago I bought a lovely epiphone EJ-200 electric acoustic, which has a lovely sound & everything but the batteries keep dying after a week max., so I wondered if there's something wrong or is it really meant to be this way as I love the sound when I play it on my amp?! The batteries are 2032s, but I wondered if I could get something that would last longer? Cheeeeers.



#2 2012-09-17 15:25:30

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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

Are you leaving it plugged in?



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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

welcome devil-moon,that could get expensive like bgd above ask's are you? If it not the problem you might try getting recharable batteries they work well and are worth the the cost 0f them and the charger.

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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

Batteries normally last at least 6 months, so if you are not leaving a guitar lead plugged in, there must be a fault with the pre-amp draining the battery. If this is the case then it needs taking back under the warranty.


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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

Are you shutting off the pickup system. Check if the little red light (if there is one) is on or off. There is usually a little on/off button where the controls are. You may want to make sure of that first. Or simply pull the battery out if you don`t use the electric system.

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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

Like everyone said - unplug the lead from the guitar to the amp.




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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

You better read and follow instruction on how to use the guitar. Or else ask help from expert.



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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

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Re: Electric acoustic batteries fevqahjwklwd

Mister Devil - moon has not checked on the answers he seeks,, unless it may be from embarrasment of the obvious.  Mr. Moon, dont let it bother you,, We have all had our moments of the Homer Simpson "D'OH!!!!!"

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