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New Strings

I finally broke a string on my classical. Replaced them with some cheapos and now the damn thing needs tuning every other strum. How long…how long must I tune this song?



#2 2012-09-21 22:40:49

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Re: New Strings

About two days, but it gets less frequent.  Nylon strings stretch a lot.

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Re: New Strings

All strings need constant tuning for a day or two.  Hang in there.  Take a pencil under the strings over the sound hole and pull up gently.  Then tune.

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Re: New Strings

For the quick fix solution;

Give 'em( each string) a firm yet not violent tug about 10 times, each string, retune, and repeat 2 or 3  additional cycles.

Regulating the temperaure & humidity factor into your guitar staying in tune as well.

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Re: New Strings

I usually leave a nylon string guitar tuned up two steps (F#) overnight. This takes most of the stretch out of them.


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