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October 5, 1962

This date, 50 years ago last Friday, marked the first Beatles single released on Parlaphone records. Love Me Do was the Beatles first gold record and marked the beginning of their meteroric rise.

50 years, wow. Seems like yesterday to me.


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Re: October 5, 1962

It was just yesterday, wasn't it?

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Re: October 5, 1962

Yesterday.  All my troubles seemed so far away.

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Re: October 5, 1962

And they're still as influential today as they were back then. Love the Beatles!!!!

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: October 5, 1962

zguitar wrote:

And they're still as influential today as they were back then. Love the Beatles!!!!

well said Z!!

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Re: October 5, 1962

Need I say more?

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Re: October 5, 1962

After a hard days night all you need is love with a little help from my friends. Let it be!

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Re: October 5, 1962

srangely enough i was just watching mccartney in new york on tv, they cut in some footage from the original shea stadium concert. all i can say is he's still brilliant, the songs are still brilliant and he can still sing after 40 + years. he has to be 70 something now? it's just a shame lennon and harrison didn't make it. guess they're still jamming on some cloud!

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Re: October 5, 1962

They are the octopus'es garden in the sea smile

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