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Chord for this song - Perfect Two (Stuck like Glue) by Dawn

Dear all,

can you please help me with the chords of this song? I can't decode it...

attach are two youtube links of the song:

Thanks so much!



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Re: Chord for this song - Perfect Two (Stuck like Glue) by Dawn

Welcome to the forum.

I used the studio version (first link) and this is what I heard:

Slow Part of intro (0:01 0:17):  Em D C B7

Faster part of intro (0:18 0:28): Em Am D G B7

Verse (0:29 0:50):  Em Am D G B7 - Em Am D G G

Pre-Chorus (0:51 1:02):  C#m7 C F#m7 - B

Chorus (1:03 1:24):  E G#m A F#m - B   E G#m A G B7

Intro for the second verse (1:25-1:35):   Em Am D G-B7

Second verse, Pre-chorus and Chorus same as above.

Then a solo starting around 2:33 which follows the verse chords.

Then another pre-chorus.  Then the last chorus.

The last chorus has some different chords in the second half of it.  This probably isn't 100% right, but it's close (starting at 3:18):  E G#m A
(3:26): A - G#m - F#m B7 (this is the part I'm not sure about)

Outro:  Em Am D G - B7

End on Em

It could use a second set of ears to check it out, but that's what I hear.  Good luck with it.

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