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Topic: Submitting New Songs

If I submit a URL for a new song how long does it take for it to show up in the index if it's a file in the proper format with a .cho extension?

Re: Submitting New Songs

Can I "add" a song that you havent achived and add it to my songbook?

Re: Submitting New Songs

Chordie does not host song files.  If you have your song file hosted somewhere else and it is in the correct Chordpro format, there is a form here to ask for it to be added to the Chordie database:


There is also a way to "add" a song to your Chordie Songbook when the song has not been indexed by Chordie. 

Using this method:

- you still need to host your song file somewhere else
- the song will NOT be in the Chordie Database so you will not find it by searching Chordie.

However, if you make your Chordie Songbook public then you can share the url for the songbook or the individual song with others.

I have written some instructions here:

Chordie Hijack – Part 1 – How to use the Chordie Renderer to format and print your songs
Chordie Hijack – Part 2 – How to “publish” your own songs using a Chordie Public Songbook

Hope that is helpful,

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