Topic: Rubbish at music theory - what key is my song in???

Believe me, please, I HAVE tried reading up about how to work out what key a song is in but it all goes WAY over my head and I am none the wiser.

I won't post the lyrics because they are not relevant. This is a song that I wrote two years ago.

In terms of the music, I decided that I wanted it to start in [Eb], just because I have never sung a song that started in [Eb].

Before posting this question I also struggled with how to represent the song structure and I hope this works.

The first part of each verse ends with the line, "And [Eb]my true love he [C]said:" and the second part of each verse is "quoted speech".

So I have called the parts "Voice 1" and "Voice 2" as they could be sung by different people.

These are the chords in the song:

VERSES 1 - 4:

(Voice 1)

(Voice 2)

CHORUSES (song ends with a chorus):


When I used this it came out as the Keys of Gm and Am.  I tried inputting just the chords from specific parts of the song and it gave me different keys again.

Best wishes for the New Year!

ps. If anyone actually wants to hear a silly song about Sepsis with an educational slideshow then this is the song for you! I might get around to posting it in the "Songwriting" section of the Forum when I know what key(s) it is in:
Sepsis (Ukulele Original)

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