Topic: Your best bet in choosing a classic guitar


What's your suggestion when choosing a classic guitar? What brand is best?

What is your suggestions when it comes to classic strings?

Re: Your best bet in choosing a classic guitar

I just bought a Epiphone masterbilt EN-52 classical. I bought it over the internet unheard. I really am bonding with it. I looked all over St. Louis and couldn't find a reasonably priced classical that had the sound I was looking for.

They have 2 models ,the straight classical model like I have or the EN-46 model with a cutaway and electronics. It's a bit more expensive but if you don't like the full classical neck width that might be the ticket.

The LR Baggs pickup in the cutway model sounds great. I installed one in mine after I got it. I'm not a classical player actually but the guitar is fun to play after you get used to it. Narrow necks take a little getting used to now for me. Classicals are like any other instrument. You listen to them and play etc. then you pick what you like. Alvarez has several nice ones as well but I could only find one here in town to try.

String wise I've been using Pro-Arte by D,addario. Don't expect them to stay in tune for a week or so after you put them on but that's the nature of the beast.