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seeking new sounds.can anyone tell me how these effects work,or compare /contrast them?tips on tweaking for heavy/fuzzed,yet keeping clarity?

Re: phazer/compressor

the 2nd post in this thread was deleted, it was totally off topic and the poster was waiting for an opportunity to enter spam. i can wait no more....banned and gone.


hi the pathetics, sorry no one  has replied to your query.

if you want to get guitar effects (FX) the best way to go is an FX pedal such as Boss ME range. i have an ME 50 which gives me all the FX i need with built in phaze, chorus, many different grades of distortion or fuzz, reverb and echo. i can only suggest that you go to your nearest music shop and try a few out, go through all the different stages and decide if it's what you want.

another way to go would be "stomp box" with these you can decide what you want and buy just what you require, eg just fuzz, or you can add a chorus pedal and or compressor, echo the list is almost endless. but try them first if you can, don't go by other people playing them cos they can always make them sound wonderful but when you get them home they may not sound so good.

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