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need some cords for some beach music like carolina girls

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hi lemonspud1 welcome to chordie,if you click on "artists"at the top of the page then click "b"scroll till you find "beach boys"california girls is there....stay cool

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If I read your request correctly, you want "Carolina Girls" by the Chairmen of the Board. Wish I could help. I've been looking for chords on this song for about 6 months. No luck so far. (Girlfriend is from Carolina".

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new and not new to this site. love all the exchange of chords and music have improved a lot since I found this site thanks everyone who every contributed anything

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Does any body know the chords to "Carolina Girls" beach music..NOT California Girls>>>

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Found a video at:

Verse chords go: D,G,D,G then Bm,F#m,G,D,A,A,A,A,D

Bridge chords go: D,A,Bm -8 beats, F#m - 8 beats, Em - 8 beats , A(8)

Then follow verse chords.
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