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I love Chordie, thanks for this wonderful service.

What chordpro tag should I use to just have a line with just chords on it (no words below).  The editor I'm using Song Sheet 5, uses "Chord Line", but this doesn't seem to translate on Chordie.

e.g. … s%20On.dbt

There is a Chord Line after the first verse

I guess a more generic question would be, which tags are supported by Chordie?


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The editing function has been disabled by the administrator for some time due to copyright issues unfortunatly no time frame for when it will be enabled again can be announced thank you for your concerns.

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I didn't ask about the editing function.  I know how to edit chordpro files and am building a library of songs.  My question is in my post above.

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Hi Phyllis

Welcome to Chordie.  I think what Russell meant by his reply was that for copyright reasons you can not edit songs in or upload songs to Chordie unless they are your original compositions.  If you are putting original songs up then try the songwriting section and particularly the sticky here with the relevant commands



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Good Answer Ian!  I guess if you wanted just a chord line though, you could just enter the chords in their brackets with a few spaces between them and then double space under... something like this:

[D]   [A]   [E]   

[D]words start here [A]after the [E]chord line

Are you working on building a library to host elsewhere online and then have them be indexed by Chordie?  I'm just curious, because it sounds like you don't want to submit originals... yet you do want Chordie to be able to read what you are working on.  If so, after you have your songs hosted elsewhere, the link to submit them and have them possibly indexed is :

Hope this helps, and WELCOME to the FORUM!  wink

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Hi again,

thx mekidsmom, the old double space trick was what I was looking for

You surmised correctly, I am building my own library that is hosted on my website.  I've submitted the url  But it's doesn't seem as though my songs are being indexed.

Thanks for all your help!


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Nice Thanks for this awesome sevice after a long period?

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