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Topic: Song "In His Eyes"

Heard that they tore down the house where I grew up. Got me thinking and writing.
Uploaded to Youtube @ http://youtu.be/zdKfMtIS65g
Enjoy. ps. I did something wrong with chord format. Sorry it looks so messy ;(

{t:In His Eyes}

[G]I heard [G/F#]that they [G/E]tore down the [G/D]house where I [C]spent my [C/B]tender [Am]years[D]
[G] That house was [G/F#]built with [G/E]nails and [G/D]wood and  [C]pride and [C/B]sweat and [Am]tears
The [Bm]man that held the [Em]hammer was as [Bm]tough as they would [Em]come
And [A]I was blessed to be his only [D]son[D/C] [D/B] [D/A]

A gentle timid child beneath my mother's wings
As quick to cry as was to smile afraid of many things
Like an old oak in the forest tall and strong he stood
And watched as I did the best I could

I could[G]see it in his eyes the expectation and the [C]hope that I'd [C/B]excel [Am]beyond his [D]dreams
And I [G]didn't realize that he would love me re-[C]gardless of [C/B]what I was to [Am]be [D]
I could see it in his [G]eyes

As young men often do I chose a solitary road
Asked no help to find my way or lighten up my load
And the lessons of my father I didn't see how they'd apply
Alone at night I'd swear I'd hear him sigh

After many years estranged I found myself beside his bed
Those years had not been kind and I held  his hand and  said
“Though I fought you at every turn I want to thank you for all you've done.
I'm proud to be your son�

I could see it in his eyes a pride and love so deep I simply had to turn away
It was then I realized that all the precious time I'd wasted wouldn't give another day
I could see it in his eyes

Now my two boys are grown and gone they're out upon their quest
Right or wrong my work is done. I gave my very best
Every day I hope and pray that they are safe and well
'Cause if again I'll ever see them I can't tell

I want to look into their eyes I want to tell them of a love and pride too large for me to hold
And I hope they realize that time and love are more precious than gold
I want to look into their eyes

There's nothing right in my left brain and there's nothing left in my right brain.
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Re: Song "In His Eyes"

Hey sumadog,

I really loved this song. Your words, chord progressions and your performance just fit together nicely. Well done.

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR

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Re: Song "In His Eyes"

suma liked the lyrics.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

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Re: Song "In His Eyes"

Hi Jets60,
Why thank you. And you as well Dino.

There's nothing right in my left brain and there's nothing left in my right brain.
author unknown