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How do I edit the chord charts.  I am correcting songs and want the  chord charts to display correctly.  Also The song I edited did not completely display.  Is there a limit to the number of lines a song can have?  This is my first attempt at editing,  If you know how to edit the chord charts please be specific.

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From another thread...

See the "show help" drop down in the EDIT area.
Scroll down to see:

Define chords
{define: chord fret s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6}

Example: C# to be played like an A on 4th fret:
{define: C# 4 1 3 3 3 1 1}

The definition should be placed after songtitle/artist. Note that you will also need to place the chord as [C#] within the lyrics for the grids to be shown.

Syntax is everything so be careful how you type wink  Very cool
Don't forget to make your book public so we can benefit from your efforts smile


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Thanks, but I was inquiring about the actual chord diagrams in the right side of the song.  After I correctetd the song the old chord diagrams stayed.  I defined the new diagrams in my edit but they did not appear.  I edited "This Boy" by the Beatles.  The actual diagrams do not reflect where I want some of the chords played.  How do I edit the diagrams?
Thanks for the help.

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Hi franka1a
I'm not into editing as such but as you are having trouble with the correct display of the chord diagrams I edited a song substituting a D chord for a F and then a Dm both times the corrected chord displayed properly when up dated. The Chords displayed at the base of the song. The edit remained when saved to my songbook.
I know it's not much help but it seems the editing feature in my case is working ok.
As I'm in the Uk I can't view the Beatles songs so maybe there's a problem with the song..

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Don't know what might be the problem.  Check syntax, make sure chord is in the song.  You might try a unique name for the chord say something like "f 4C#" (??)

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Here is an example.  I tried to add the chord A7sus.  (EADGBE  x02030)  I typed in:
{define:A7sus103020x} and nothing displayed.  I typed in:
{define: A7sus103020x} and still nothing displayed.  I typed in:
{define:A7sus03020x} Nothing.  I typed in:
{define:A7sus 103020x} Nothing.  I typed in:
{define: A7sus 103020x}  Nothing.  There must be a way to get the cord diagram to display.
Can anyone give me the exact syntax.

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Try {define: A7sus 1 0 3 0 2 0 x}

spaces are important as with all types of formatting and you will get:

{t: A7sus}
{st: }
{define: A7sus 1 0 3 0 2 0 x}