Topic: I have a screw in my bridge...

This Martin DCME i just bought looks to have a bridge repair but i've never seen this before. Has anyone seen this before?   the second pic is from underneath the bridge. … 3c88e06a77

Re: I have a screw in my bridge...

Im no repair luthier, but in my humble opinion,, your screwed.  It may play great and sound great which is cool,, but as far as holding any value as a Martin,,, its gone.  sad

If this was E-bay, contact them.  Pawn shop go and try to get a lower payment, music store,, FLAME THEM EVERY WHERE YOU CAN cause thats BS.  but you need to find a good lutheier to fix it as good as possible.,, not that shade tree crap. mad

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Re: I have a screw in my bridge...

That's called a Bridge Doctor... It's used to correct severe bellying in acoustics. It's usually installed with a brass pin though instead of a screw.

Even with the repair installed it looks like you barely have enough break angle over the saddle... So either it is still bellied or the neck will soon need resetting.

If this wasn't disclosed before purchase I would also seek a refund.

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Re: I have a screw in my bridge...

Hard to tell from the pic but is that a compensated saddle? And is it in backwards? Should be turned 180 degress?

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Re: I have a screw in my bridge...

I just saw an ad for a "conrad" guitar on the worcester,mass. craigslist.The bridge has the same screw in it and it says it has been repaired.The screw caught my eye because it stands out so bad.If there were 2 screws(one on each side).It wouldnt look so bad.The one screw in the middle looks terrible.It looks like an amateur tried to repair it.

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