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Hey Guys. I have been practicing acoustic guitar for the last 2 months with a private tutor. And Im doing quite well. Im a big big fan of john mayer,and I know his songs arnt easy to play. So I wanted to know that can I play any of his songs with easy chords. If yes then please post some easy versions of his songs. Any kind of songs will do.
Cheers guys :)

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Hello John Mayer and welcome to Chordie.

OK, first off, we don't actually "post" songs to chordie.  Chordie is a search engine which goes out to the interwebz and finds songs and lists them by artist or title.  Chordie does not actually host songs.  So having said that, here is a list of "your" songs that are currently accessible from chordie: … l?sort=all

You are right:  John Mayer is a very talented guitar player and some of his chord constructs are quite complex, but they don't necessarily have to be.  Here are a couple of tips fo you. 

1.  Don't be afraid of the name of the chord.  The complexity of a chord name does not mean the chord is complex.  For example, a Bm7b5 is easier (for me anyway) to play than a Bm.

2.  You can often get away with "cheating".  For example, instead of playing A/C#, see if A will work in its place.  Instead of E9 or E11 or E13, see if E7 will work instead.

3.  Work on this song by song.  If you have a specific song in mind and need help with it, post that request in the "Song Requests" section of the forum and you are more likley to get a helpful answer.  Then move on to the next one.

Others can weigh in with their comments if they see fit.  Good luck.

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Thanks alot sir. It helped alot. smile

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Free falling. I know it's a cover, but only has three chords, There are loads of covers of it on Youtube.

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