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I will remember

I will see your face in every sunrise – I will remember you smiling as you wake
I will see you at the end of each day – I will remember watching you as you sleep

I will hear your voice in the wind – I will remember the secrets we shared
I will hear you in the rivers – I will remember your catching laughter

I will feel your touch in the rain – I will remember your gentle caresses
I will feel you as I walk through the soft grass – I will remember how you reached for me

I will touch you in the winter – I will remember your warm body next to mine
I will touch your skin as I pull up my collar – I will remember your breath in my neck

I will taste you in the summertime – I will remember your soft kisses
I will taste your sweat in the heat – I will remember hot humid nights spent together

I will smell your scent in the forest – I will remember fun times in the mountains
I will smell you in my bed – I will remember how you hugged your pillows

I will reach for you in my fears – I will remember your comforting heartbeat
I will reach for you in my dreams – I will remember the dreams we shared

I will call out for you in my screams – I will remember your soothing words
I will call out for you in my tears – I will remember your hugs that made it alright

I will bless you in my joy – I will remember the laughter we shared
I will bless you in my turmoil – I will remember how you taught me to relax

I will thank you in my insecurities – I will remember your trustworthiness
I will thank you in my prison – I will remember how you broke open my closed door

I will listen to you in the silence – I will remember how you couldn’t say the words
I will listen to you in the emptiness – I will remember how you filled the void with a look

I will look to the horizon – I will remember the open road we would have loved to take
I will look up to the stars – I will remember the ones we reached for but fell short of

I will remember

Judy Mills

Be more less concerned with your outward appearance and more concerned about your character, for that is what defines you. www,



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Phill Williams
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Re: I will remember

Hi Judy,

excellent, please read my reply to your other poem


There are two "L's" in Phill



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Re: I will remember

Beautiful, Judy.  Very touching.



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