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Hi All,
My name is Larry. I just wanted to say that I think this site is the bomb. I've been looking for a place that has correct chord patterns, and now I have found it. Great job (whoever put this site together......  I am eclective, I listen to just about anything. Queen is my most favorite band. I play basic rhythm guitar but it is enough to entertain friends and family. Well that's about it. Thanx for letting me join..     PEACE!

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Welcome to Chordie, Larry S. You can learn a lot from the great people here.

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Welcome larry.  I am much the same in that I play basic rhythm and sing.  Nothing wrong with that.  I also entertain family and friends mostly.  Anyway, glad to emet you and do stop in here often and join the chat.

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welcome larry,I think you will enjoy the site.

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Welcome to chordie Larry!

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Welcome to the loony bin big_smile lol

We all love this place and so shall you.

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Hi I am Amber and I am also new! Just want to say hello to everyone here!

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Welcome Amber!

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