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Chris Cagle "Let There be Cowgirls"

I can't seem to find the chords to it anywhere. I hope the awesome people on here can help! smile

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Re: Chris Cagle "Let There be Cowgirls"

I did a few searches and also came up empty.

Here's the video:

The main progression throughout the song (intro, verses and chorus) is made up of A-shape power chords:

Db5 (x466xx)
E5 (x799xx)*
B5 (x244xx)
F#5 (x9-11-11xx)*
*=you could play these two as E-shape power chords lower on the neck, but the voicing will be wrong.

The pre-chorus is B5 and Ab5.  The Ab5 is an E-shape power chord on fret 4 (466xxx).

Play around with those and I think you'll be able to hear it.

That's what my ear is telling me, anyway.  No guarantees of accuracy.

PS:  You could try playing it with open chords.  A fairly easy way to do it would be to tune down 1/2 step and then play D, F, C, G and the pre-chorus as C and A.  I don't think that would sound as good, however.  The 5's are what give the song its kickass feel.

Good luck.

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