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Topic: Electronic music files

I am new to Chordie so forgive me if this topic has be chewed on before.
Has Chordie considered attaching an MIDI or WAV file to there lists as help getting the melody and being able to play along with the chords/lyrics?


Re: Electronic music files

I think that would run us into some copyright issues, and the ownership of Chordie is very conservative when it comes to protecting copyrights.  However, Youtube is an excellent resource for that purpose.  If you type "Title of Song I Want To Learn guitar lesson" into Youtube, you've got a good chance of getting a hit.  Some of my favorite Youtube guitar lesson resources are Goldhat, Justinguitar, and Yourguitarsage, plus there's a guy named Fretkiller that you've got to check out.

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Re: Electronic music files

It's a brilliant idea, but what Zurf said is true.  Chordie already skates on the edge of copyright law (why it's a search engine and not a hosting site), and I think that would probably push it over the edge.

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Re: Electronic music files

However, I do think that with the vast collection of eclectic audiophiles around here, If you need a particular mp3 and can not find it on YT,  Someone would be bound to have it and be able to e-mail it to you.

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