Topic: Tennessee Waltz sadly lacking.

I don't know, there used to be a active country music contingent here.
Search Tennesse Waltz and get Leonard Cohen's complex arrangement,
and that's it?
I used Chodie extensively building up a song list...not that many years
ago, really. I hope it continues to serve all musicians of all tastes. (ed)

Re: Tennessee Waltz sadly lacking.

Chordie is only a search engine. You did not do a good search for that song,if you go type that song in on the text search it will come back with a few answers,Sam Cooks version looks good.

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Re: Tennessee Waltz sadly lacking.

Tennessee Waltz only uses 4 chords in the original version if you take the key of C the chords would be
C  C7  F  C  G  C repeat for the next verse the bridge is C  E  F   C ///|///|G//|///|C lost my little darlin
///|F playin|C beautiful G    C waltz     the song is in 3/4 time.

just use this progression you can transpose or capo I cant write the entire arrangment because of copyright issues but these chords are the basics of the song smile

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