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I'm getting really confused with how the strumming pattern works an everything...please help?

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that is something that has always been a hard one for me also, I just go with what feels good.  playing along with a song on youtube helps, you can watch and see what the performer is doing. Maybe this will help also

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Welcome Amii,

It sounds like you are new to guitar, so we'll start there. Pick a song that you want to play and check for a lesson on youtube. For example let's look at Last Kiss by Pearl Jam.

Here is a vid lesson(from an awesome teacher I might add)

Strum we use is DDU UDU or 12& &4&. You would play this whole pattern for each chord.

G               Em             C               D

Here's another vid I found helpful:

Remember that there is no 1 strumming pattern that is correct for a given song. Variations are what make things cool. 

Post back if you need more help

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

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There is also some help in this 'Sticky': … 462#p66462


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Ah, now I find this sort of thing very helpful, cheers.