Topic: Online guides to Garageband

Does anyone know of straightforward guides to using Garageband that are available online for free?

I would like to record all the instruments separately, as there's only me, and then put them all together, if that doesn't sound simplistic and/or naive!

Re: Online guides to Garageband

That kind of tracking is going to be the same pretty much no matter what you use to record.

GarageBand comes with a pretty healthy help system, which is where I'd start.  On my Mac, lesson's 3 and 4 in the help system are about recording vocal and electric guitar.

Are you having trouble getting the audio into the Mac, or is it that you aren't sure how to record once it's set up?

Someday we'll win this thing...


Re: Online guides to Garageband

Many thanks! I got a bit lost when I looked at the Garageband help last time hence the post. Maybe I lost heart before getting to lessons 3 and 4 so I'll go back and look. Again, many thanks for taking the time and I'll post a reply when I've had time to read through the Help properly.

Re: Online guides to Garageband

Got it sorted now as far as guitar/bass/vocal etc. I got lost in the first two lessons but Jerome was right on the money - many thanks, Jerome!

MUst have a play with the drum loops now...