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Just gonna share something I used over the weekend , I played at a party for about 6 hrs Sat night. It was a solo gig, so it was kind of a long time to play without breaks. I have Spotify downloaded on my I-phone and I just plug it in the back of my Acoustic amp in the AUX 1/4'' input  and it plays nice without adjusting the levels of your amp inputs. I just used the volume control on my phone and when I was done with the break I would just hit the pause button on the phone and go back to playing.

I just went to radio shack and picked up a 1/4'' x 1/8'' change over and a three ft  1/8'' cable and just plug the phone in and set the phone on top the amp smile

Your input for your guitar will also work but if you have an aux input on your amp it works nice

Later, Wayne P

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Thanks for the tip.

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just as an aside, i have a friend that does motown music. all his backing tracks are on his mobile phone, so that when he plays larger venues that have big PA systems, he just plugs in and away to go.

i've just decided that i hate vocalists. i've got 2 cases with FX, leads etc plus a guitar and amp. 2 large speakers and a mixer amp to carry in and out of venues, in the pouring rain, gale force winds 3 flights of stairs and a shed full of half drunk punters that wont get out of the way. then after the last song they want more....

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