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Topic: Mr. youngs whole name!

I was looking at neil youngs music and noticed wikopedia stated his name is Neil Percival Kenneth Robert Ragland Young!! Thats a long name if it's true,with a couple of odd one's there.  I wonder if he was fooling around and just for a joke told some media that name.

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Re: Mr. youngs whole name!

Unique name, unique musician. I have always loved listening to, and playing his music. He's still playing live concerts, and appeals as much to the younger generatio, as well as my own (late 50 something!)

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Re: Mr. youngs whole name!

yes TT, i try to forget my age too. they tell me by next year (i'll be 62) i wont be able to remember which string is E!

i did a gig last year and forgot to take my guitar! i felt naked singing without it and had to hum the solo's

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