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Topic: Where in New York.

Me and the wife, will be coming to New York 22nd March, for four nights. It will be our first time in The USA. We're going to be on a tight budget but love live music. Stadium or arena gigs are ok, but much prefer small venues. Give me a good pub band any day. Some jazz or blues would be nice, though my wife loves Indie. So where should we go for music in New York? We'll be staying We'll be staying at 42nd/10th.

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Re: Where in New York.

I'm in NY State, about 5 hours from NYC... so I can't help you out much there, but I hope you have a fun time in the US and stay safe in the Big Apple!  smile

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Re: Where in New York.

Once you get there, there will be newsprint fliers in newspaper stands that will have the local music scene.  Every U.S. city I've been to has one, and sometimes more than one.  You can also ask the desk clerk or concierge at whatever hotel you're staying.  Just be sure to understand what kind of music they think is "good" before asking for a good place, elsewise you could wind up somewhere you don't want to be.

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