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Just a little folky story song. I play it with a capo on the 4th fret but feel free to do it your own way.

{t: Before the Witch Hunt}
{st: By Jeff Gilpin}
{c: April 7, 2013}

There [G]once was a time a [Em]happier [G]kind
When people were [D]able to [Em]live
In relative peace be[G]fore the release
Of the witches and their [D]cauldron of [G]give

The [G]witches you see had [Em]more than plen[G]ty
But seemed to be [D]worried about [Em]others
To ensure everyone would have [G]their kind of fun
They’d im[G]pose on all the [D]sisters and [G]brothers

{soc} So the [Em]witches concocted their [G]spell
And [D]boiled and bubbled for a [Em]spell
Until the potion was brewed and [G]trouble ensued
From the witches and the [D]potion they [G]brewed {eoc}

[G]First it would be that the [Em]technology [G]
Was improved at a [D]staggering [Em]pace
And the people observed that the [G]slope of the curve
Was a typhoon with [D]them at the [G]base

So the people reacted and [Em]somehow en[G]acted
Laws to help [D]everyone [Em]grow
Along with the change their [G]lives rearranged
To keep up with the [D]pace of the [G]slow

{soc} And the [Em]witches oh how they [G]cackled
Once the [D]people were finally un[Em]shackled
They quickly began to be [G]shackled again
Without raising the [D]hair of their [G]hackles {eoc}

So the witches confirmed that their [Em]plans had been [G]spurned
And figured out an [D]alternate [Em]way
Said one what the heck how [G]bout bio tech
Soon genetics had [D]entered the [G]fray

The witches observed as they [Em]changes oc[G]curred
With a subtle ob[D]servance by [Em]most
But soon there were changes and some [G]food chain deranges 
That led some to [D]give up their [G]ghost

{soc} And the [Em]witches shook their [G]heads
At the [D]number of people turned [Em]dead
For those ones left living they’d [G]be no forgiving
A witch hunt for the [D]witches to [G]dread [D] [G] {eoc}

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR

Re: Before the Witch Hunt

This one plays well Jeff. However I am at a loss to understand what a "tiafun" is sad.


Re: Before the Witch Hunt

Hey Roger - Typo/spell check error - for some reason I put in the German spelling of the word typhoon which in German is taifun. It is all corrected now.  I blame my mothers ancestors for my genetic pre-disposition f

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR

Re: Before the Witch Hunt

That explains it. I only keep an English and a Portuguese dictionary by my PC............... don't tell me I am going to have to get a German one as well lol.