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Hello, Chordie People!  I traded an old guitar for an HP tablet computer.  My goal is to use the tablet as a lyric/chord cheat sheet on stage while clipped to a mic stand. 

I'm looking for suggestions on how to get lyrics onto tablet -- scan them?, manually type them?,  use Android app of some sort?

Also, looking for suggestions on a tablet holder/iKlip device.   Thanks!!

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I know you can save your whole song book as a text file. I'm not sure how  you then get it onto your tablet though. A friend of mine uses an iPad for the same thing. He's got a holder which fastens onto his mike stand. It works a treat. I'll send him a message and ask how he does it.

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Ultimate Guitar has an app that I use.  It's UG Tabs.  Not a real creative title.  It's pretty handy.  You need to set up an Ultimate Guitar account, which is free.  The app costs a few bucks.  Then anything you mark on your account as a Favorite synchs between your tablet and computer.  Also, if you are out of signal range, the favorites are stored to your tablet's memory, so they will still be available.  The only problem I've had with it so far is that changes to songs (auto-play speed and key being the ones I do most) don't synch.  They are device dependent.  That's a pretty small thing that probably isn't worth the energy to type it out.

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Re: HP Tablet

Is the UG app easy to read?

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There's also SongBook.  It's an app for your computer and your android device.  You would load your own songs (or copy and paste the chordpro formatting), then save and it's more like a virtual song notebook - offline.  I think there may be some songs in there avail. for download too.  I haven't used it in forever.  I do need to change to using my tablet, but at the moment I'm still working with printed songs.

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