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I Love the Internet - By Jeff Gilpin - Aug 4, 2013

I could learn a foreign language
  Which I’ll need when I meet
    That girl who has the hots for
      And lives 2.5 miles down the street.
        I guess while I’m at it I should buy
         Some of those super enlargement pills,
           And learn those three words girls can’t resist,
             And add to my night of thrills

               I love the internet.
              It’s a great innovation.
            Connecting me to the rest of the world
          That’s filled with deprivation.
         I thought it’d bring peace to the world
      Or feed all the starving children.
    Instead it’s just a way for people to make money.
No miracle, just a little sad and funny.

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR

Re: I Love the Internet

i see alot of thought went into this. reading between the lines i think there's more than a little angst coming out here?

nice one, and nice to see you giving the poets an offering.


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