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after hearing Jets and Beamers latest offering, it reminded me of a song I wrote in 2001, called Maggie Coulter. I cant remember if I posted it before, but I was never satisfied with the recording, so I've re-done it on 24 track and posted it to my-space. I'd like comments if anyone fancies having a listen. Thanks.


PS if you'd like to see the words and chords please say.

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Re: Maggie Coulter

I liked it! but I like all your songs the "wailing Welshman" My space spruced up a bit too anyway its a good effort buddy smile

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Re: Maggie Coulter

I remember your first recording of this song phill I liked it then and it's nice to hear it recorded again.
It always stuck in my mind as one of your best songs.

Re: Maggie Coulter

Hey Phill,

I think this was one of your best recordings, and of course a great song. I like some of the backing harmonies but some of it in different spots kind of drowns you out in parts of the song, from 2:42-2:52 then again from 3:11-3:25. I would maybe tone those down some so they don't step on your vocals as much. I also really enjoyed your solo there towards the end. Overall though I really enjoyed your updated version.

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