Topic: moody thoughts, a poem or a song?

Moody thoughts

I'm climbing up a mountain,
every step just wears me out
the sight must be overwhelming,
but it's all troubled by clouds

that seem to keep appearing
trying tp get in my way
between me and the brightness
to expell the light of day

oh how I'm longing voor the feeling
of the first sunbeams breaking through
tickeling my skin and bones
creating other colours to

oh how I'm long for the feeling
of al cool breeze throug my hair
that blows away my moody thoughts
and makes me breath fresh air

so that when I walk te highlands
my vieuw will be clear
and I look down with eyes so frankly
from the summits I once feared...

Re: moody thoughts, a poem or a song?

Shows great promise.  Now put some chords to it and you have a song.

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Re: moody thoughts, a poem or a song?

Might make a good blues tune,try using B7 em7 and a7. not necessacerly in that order.

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