Topic: Can't see various lyrics

Hi all,

when trying to see i.e. a song by the Beatles, this message appears: "MusicSales UK is claiming exclusive copyright to all the Beatles lyrics in the UK, and has asked Chordie to block all access to Beatles tabs for users originating from the UK."

Now this is sad for all people living in the UK, but I am living in Germany...

What can I do?


Regards, Udo

Re: Can't see various lyrics

Welcome to Chordie!!!  I'm sorry you're having a problem.  If you do a search within the forum for "Beatles" you'll find that this is a known issue.  Unfortunately our fearless leader, coder, programmer, awesome web admin hasn't yet found a solution that will keep all the members happy as well as the lawyers.  sad but true.  Some people say to try deleting your internet cache, refresh your ip address, others say stop the site while it's loading then hit your refresh button.  There's just not a simple way around the UK copyright block.  sad

On another note, some people have had luck with this site for Beatles songs:
I've never personally used it, but let us know how that works for you.  If you're looking for one or two songs in particular, you can post in the song request section and others will give you a hand!  smile


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Re: Can't see various lyrics

That is a good site for some of there songs, I still get the chords here but I wanted too print out so many of there songs that I decided too go too my music store and just buy there whole book of chords too all songs it's a lot cheaper than the ink I would have used. The book was under $20.00 ,you may be able too find one at Amazon or ebay cheaper.

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