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Question about Chordie and finding things


I just registered a few minutes ago and I want to add some of my songs to my songbook.  A pop up just has the man on the tape sitting there.  The other deosn't seem go be doing anything.  Now I'd like my songs but I'm not finding where the letters we are writing, You could bleed to death before somebody finally decides to listen to you!    H --e---l-l-l-l-l-p me!!

Christine Karr



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Roger Guppy
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Re: Question about Chordie and finding things

Hi Chrissy and welcome to Chordie,

You said "your songs" so if you are wanting to add some of your own original songs to your songbook, I am sorry but you cannot. You can go to any song listed under 'Artists' or 'Songs' and click on the 'Songbook add' to put it in your songbook.

I have no idea what the man on the tape is that you mentioned sad

If I have misunderstood your problem please post again.


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Re: Question about Chordie and finding things

Sorry Chrissy, I'm kind of confused too as to what exactly you need help with.  We'd be happy to help you out here in the forums if you can clarify a little.  In the meantime, here's some info that's commonly skipped over on the RESOURCES page:

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Re: Question about Chordie and finding things

Sounds like she hit a few wrong buttons,a man on the top? Strange! maybe it is in her computer,welcome here chrissy and I do hope you will get things fixed

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Re: Question about Chordie and finding things

Why can't I find the app for iPad? I lost everything when I rest factory settings.m



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