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would like to pick up the ukulele. So who knows the best brand and model for the least amount of money



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Re: ukuleles


most ukes are pretty good,the cheaper ones tend to have cheap strings,
so best to replace them with good ones.
OR spend a bit more on a med price uke.
Also if you`re a beginner maybe get a concert or tenor size not a soprano.
get your self a tuner as well  they are cheap  no use playing an out of tune uke.
lets know how u get on?

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Re: ukuleles

I bought my daughter a Hi Lo for 20.00. It broke a string and hasn`t been used since. Then I bought her a Kulai? I think. When she started to get serious with it. It is an acoustic electric with good woods. She loves it and it lasts 3 years later. It was a medium priced one without mentioning numbers.

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