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Shoulder was a mess what wasnt torn was growing horns started physical torture six week in the sling pain pills work but they make me sick good news is i can play SLOW no bar chords life is good

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Good.  Do what the Personal Torturist tells you to do. 

I think my favorite thing after my surgery was learning that they took the bursus as long as they were in there.  I will never have bursitis in my right shoulder ever again, ever.  Left shoulder was screaming on Monday with some cold, wet, windy weather, but the right shoulder didn't care. 

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Ah the physio terrorist. Do as he or she says, or else.

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Wish you well with the shoulder. After having mine done it took almost a year to get back to normal.

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fire ant the phys therpy is most the time worst than the brake or ingury or operation. Hope you get well soon.

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Hope it heals up asap. Keep on playing!

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Ouch!  Do as they say, not as Amy does.  LOL!  Good to hear you can at least play a little.  smile  Heal well!!!

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