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The impossible dream

I want to perform a solo piece of The Impossible Dream and I have not been able to locate the tabs anywhere.  Can anybody help.



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Re: The impossible dream

Welcome to Chordie!

  Look up Jack Jones in the artist index & you'll likely find it there.  You can also find songs by title using the text search box also on the artists tab.

  Hope that helps, you can select the instrument and tuning once you are on the page for the particular song you are looking for. So if you are wanting the music for Uke or Banjo or ??? those options will be available for the most part.  Please bear in mind that Chordie does not host music, but is an index of what is available from other hosting sites.  Formatting is done within the index application to provide continuity across the board and not all songs will be available from any particular artist. 

Hang around, have fun and introduce yourself to the family over in the chat corner.  Lots of good folks here to get to know and helpful too.

Take Care;

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Re: The impossible dream

Hi cindy and welcome too the forum,That song is here at chordie. Type it in the search text area and it comes up and it is by Jack Jones.  I hope you know a lot of chords as it has a lot. I hope you do well!

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