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does anyone know the chords to this song ? I think it is in the key of C . Always been a favorite of mine and I would like to know how to play it.

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Hi joe and welcome here,I did not have any luck finding the chords for you.Can you post a video of the song maybe we can pick them out.

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Welcome to Chordie Joe!

I remember this song, seems to me that it was covered by The Fifth Dimension, Barbara Streisand, and several others back in the day.

this is just a guess and at my age memory might be questionable.... but you might fiddle around with this progression in 4/4 time and see if it's close:
F A7/E A7 Dm G7 C G7 C A7 Em7 C A7 Em7 A7 Dm A7

I could only find one cover on the old youtube... and between my memory and what I think I heard, this could be enough to let you figure it out.

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Here you go. … auraland4u