Topic: blank pages

Y do you have songs listed that the page is empty, there not thair! i looked 4 many songs you have listed, blank !!

Re: blank pages

Well that is puzzling..... but really this is not the section to voice your concern in.  This area of the forum is for those members that are using jamplay which is an external service to improve their musical skills.  Our Jamplay Moderators and users can discuss issues and topics here in this forum rather than on the jamplay site as a service to them.

Now, let's get onto the problem you are seeing which we might be able to assist with.  You say that many songs you are searching for are listed, but you are not seeing the music?  Now only having your complaint to use as a reference, it makes it harder for me to check it out and best advise you.
From your typing style I would guess that you are typing with your thumbs suggesting that you are using a mobile app to access Chordie.  Which device are you using?  Operating system and I suppose browser information would be nice to know also.  Perhaps you would give a few examples of tunes that you find are not there?  Artist and Title of the tune would be nice to know so I can verify that the links we have to the music is current and that it has not been removed by the artist's request.

Happy to help, but need more to work with please.


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