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This forum is for all questions regarding Chordie do recommend Jamplay. It has some really impressive online video lessons that retails as low as $19.95.

Please tell all Chordie users what you think about the course.

Been meaning to join in, but I got this little brain-problem which doesn't allow me to handle money very well anymore, so my membership will need to wait a while till I can get my wife to work it into my allowance! LOL! (No! Really!)

We don't do it anymore, but she used to say, "Beer or guitar lessons, Bill?", Beer or guitar?, Beer or guitar?????"

"Shut up, I'm thinkin'!", I used to tell her, a la the late Jack Benny. smile smile

See y'all soon!


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Re: Recommended guitar course

I am a beginner, looking for a good online course to start with...

I have been looking at several sites:  I doubt between JamPlay, Guitartricks and Justin Guitar.

Thanks for your comments!!!!


Re: Recommended guitar course

All three are good, so you really can't go wrong whichever you choose.  But whenever possible try before you buy as learning varies and so too do teaching styles.

Finding a good fit between you and your instructor are paramount, and will make a huge difference in how quickly you progress.  But it all comes down to your desire and willingness to put in the practice to develop the mechanical skills (muscle memory and those darn tough fingertips) along with gaining the little bit of theory to broaden your horizons musically.

Welcome to Chordie and have fun with your music!

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