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I believe that my laptop has been compromised. Just letting Chordie know. I won't be posting for a while until I can get most of my paying accounts closed out. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what I should do about this social account. It is the one I most frequent and hold the activity in high regard. Simply be aware that any contact in the near future by me may not be valid. I plan to change my profile, etc. when I can, and based on what you may decide in my case. Sorry, friends.----KevinRK

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Re: Possible Hack

KevinRK  if you are running Windows download Cleaner and clean your computer each time you exit your browser. It is rated number one use free version:Here is the link: … eaner-v316   

Secondly, are you using a anti virus? If not use Avast Free Antivirus. It is very good and takes time to run the first time, and much less time after that. Here is the link:

Also what software are you running?

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Re: Possible Hack

Kevin, I wouldn't worry too much about what might happen to Chordie.  Your mail contacts might have been grabbed and we will keep a watchful eye on any mail that might come from you (thanks to your notice).  I don't believe there is anything on this site that is "forward facing" that is of use to potential "phishers" so your account/membership here is of little value to hackers. Change your password and you should be OK.

Along with CG's comments, you might consider reformatting your PC and doing a clean install of your operating system and installing any software you use from known sources or backup archives (you do have them.... right??).  I usually have little faith in  cleanup software as they generally are kind of "closing the barn door afterwards" more of a mitigating the damage thing.  It's always been easier to just toss the whole lot and start fresh rather than risk missing something, at least for me. Don't forget to gather any "proprietary Drivers" so you won't have to hunt them down afterwards if you decide to go that way.

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Re: Possible Hack

I think the hacking issue may have been resolved. Did a complete system recovery with a backup card, contacted my banks for fraud alerts and new accounts, and notified my security people. Hopefully it doesn't happen again - though I have to say it was my own fault. Won't elaborate details, but it was truly a harrowing experience. Thanks all for bearing with me. My music performances haven't suffered, though I played the last two completely acoustic with no amplification. Went over well and getting away from any kind of media service did me good. LOL

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So what about the hack tonight?