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Sad at hearing of Glen Campbells's Passing. He's one of the reasons I learned to play guitar. I loved watching his TV show . Great musician.  RIP Glen.

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His final album is terrific. It's all covers, but I like covers, and they are distinctly Glen Campbell.

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he had a roller coaster life.  Great musician

His daughter has become his standard bearer.

I loved all of his songs - but the performance I like best is this

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Such a shame. Another great talent lost. All the heroes we grew up with are falling unfortunately, so it's good he's left us with such a great legacy of music

I used to love the Lone Ranger myself, I tried playing along....yet he did it so easily on 12 string!

Condolences to his family.

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I just found out Glen was part of the famous Wrecking Crew studio musicians group.