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I've been following Bill and Dondra's move as reported by Bill. well I got an idea for a poem (rhyme) about the "accident?" and knowing Bill has a good sense of humour this came to me so I thought (hoped) he and Dondra would appreciate it.

Bill and Dondra Went Moving.

Bill and Dondra went moving.
To a new home, not far away.
They packed up their things in the evening.
Then began moving the very next day.

Bill took down his drum kit.
Packed his beloved guitars.
Gently transporting to the new home.
Like I said it wasn't that far.

Now drums are quite light for the most part.
If you drop them they'll roll down a hill.
But big shiney cymbals are heavy.
And awkward and nasty as well.

So, one of these nasty, big cymbals.
Been beaten by Bill all these years.
Tripped Bill in a doorway, not thinking.
Left Bill in a heap on the floor.

Bill and Dondra went moving.
To a new home not far away.
Bill was covered in cuts, lumps and scrapes.
And bruises, and egg on his face.

So those nasty big cymbals.
Got bent and thrown in the trash.
Will he ever play the drums again?
Or just stick to the guitar?

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Re: Bill & Dondra Went Moving

lol - that's very good

Hope Bill and Dondra smile!

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Re: Bill & Dondra Went Moving

I don't understand why people don't follow my advice.
Surely people can see I am nice.
Bill keep marching to the beat of your drum.
When you get to where your going,
If you cant sing hum. .
Sit down on your drum stool.
Pick up the guitar and give it a strum,
With one foot play the high hat.
With the other the bass drum.
If Dondra doesnt want that..
Put down the guitar and have a quick chat.
No need  to sit in a corner strumming   guitar. 
Entertain your new neighbours.
They  will have no reason to get mad.
Just  play your drums.
All  day  and all  of the night,
Below is a song for Bill and Dondra by the Kinks.

Re: Bill & Dondra Went Moving

You guys are too clever ... thanks for the chuckles!

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